Hobbit Wrangler & Hobbyist Extraordinaire

Stay at home dad for my rare special needs daughters (14 years with no monetary reimbursement,) husband, caregiver, nurse, doctor, palliative care specialist, hospice care specialist, therapist (you name it,) wheelchair technician, power wheelchair technician, dog lover, dog trainer, house builder, house fixer, landscaper, fence builder, shed builder, deck builder, rock spreader, web designer, computer technician, mac technician, network technician, troubleshooter extraordinaire, tv repair technician, phone technician,  loving son-grandson-great grandson, helpful neighbor, caring friend, beer crafter and taster, whiskey taster, 'retired' bartender, manager of many-many-many things, Dudeist Priest, lover of music, 'studying' drummer, former saxophonist and mini celloist, small garage mechanic, etc... But most importantly, Hobbit wrangler for my girls who are  2 of 2 in the world. The only known people diagnosed with Trichothiodystrophy AND Cockayne Syndrome with sun sensitivity with similarities to Xeroderma Pigmentosum and premature aging similar to Progeria.

Not the odds I wanted to beat, nor the life I imagined I would be living.

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