I spend 99% of my time taking care of these 3 beings on the left.

Well, maybe they are taking care of me. I don't know for sure. It is all a big 'Cluster Fuck' at times and sometimes I can't remember my name. Tony? Fred? Tyrone? Samuel L Appel? Well, sometimes my use of language would make you believe the last one.

AWARDS and things

I have all the awards. The best awards. Awards you haven't heard of, or even thought of yet. Awards you don't know about.

I am the best, the smartest, the fastest, the most caring, most giving... Not really. Only a nut job would believe and promote all those things about themself.  I need to stop watching all those stupid videos of the president elect.

Want to know what is going wrong in our country?

See the above. Watch the videos, read the real news (which is not main stream media ((TV)) anymore) and really listen and try to hear what these 'elected' officials are really promoting.

The world is not going to be as cool a place to be as in Fallout 4...

No vault to keep you alive for 200 years. No atomic cars. No atomic powered power armor. No hand held gatling guns. No "magic" dog that becomes your best buddy in the post apocalyptic world. No making harems of other attractive human beings...


Stardate 97089.21

No one reads my site but Alex passed almost 8 months ago, not on her terms, and it has broken me.

Stardate 94603.92

2017! Woo! What travesties are humans going to unleash on themselves this year?

Stardate 95542.37

What a tough few weeks. Alex diagnosed with autonomic storming... 1-3 yrs left once it starts. It started 1.5 years ago.

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